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Naturally, a lot of thought and questions arise from buying or selling a home. Since both imply change, we want to you to feel informed and confident before, during and after the process. That’s why we’re 100% committed to providing you answers. Here’s how...

Our Realtors: In fast-paced real estate markets, many options for home buying and selling crop up. From discount brokerages to online services, it’s hard to discern the exact value of a realtor. At Affinity, we show our exact worth, and how our market knowledge and personal integrity ultimately save you money!

Did you know that 95% of realtors drop-out in the first five years? In fact, 85% of Portland brokers are not full-time realtors. What does that mean for you? It means through Affinity you’ll be assured of working with career professionals who are trained to the highest standards of service, and love what they do so much they’re dedicated full-time to pursue it.

Affinity realtors receive extensive personal and professional training. We learn the importance of building a business through the fundamental approach of earning referrals. Working by referral means we have to do such an amazing job for you, that you’ll be happy to refer us to your friends and family! We don’t take the responsibility of providing higher, exceptional service for granted. In fact, we welcome it.

“Working at Affinity has not only completely transformed my business as a realtor, but has changed my life in way’s I didn’t imagine possible. You can live a life you love!” -Carmel

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Our company name says it all: Close relationships, common origin, and natural liking or sympathy. We’re convinced these core values form the basis for our partnership success with you.

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